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1. Montessori Teacher PK-3 1 Oklahoma City, OKImmediatelyOpen Until Filled
2. Social Studies/ Civics Middle school 1 Miami, FLImmediatelyOpen Until Filled
3. Coach - Assistant Wrestling TBD Heber City, UTImmediatelyOpen Until Filled
4. Paraeducator - Categorical - Multiple disabilities 1 Wichita, KSUpcoming School YearNone
5. Coach TBD Delta Junction, AKImmediatelyOpen Until Filled
6. SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHER 1 Golden, COImmediatelyOpen Until Filled
7. Technology Integration Facilitator TBD Unalakleet, AKImmediatelyNone
8. Administrative Assistant 5 TBD Wichita, KSImmediatelyNone
9. HORTICULTURE INSTRUCTOR 2 Multiple (2)ImmediatelyOpen Until Filled
10. SCIENCE TEACHER 2 Multiple (2)ImmediatelyOpen Until Filled
11. MATH TEACHER 2 Multiple (2)ImmediatelyOpen Until Filled
12. Paraeducator - Interrelated (Benefited) 1 Wichita, KSUpcoming School YearNone
13. Benefited Categorical Paraeducator - MD 1 Wichita, KSUpcoming School YearNone
14. JSD-Oakcrest Elementary 3rd grade teacher full-time 1 West Jordan, UT10/22/2014None
15. Interim School Counselor 1 Arlington, VAImmediatelyOpen Until Filled
16. Math Teacher (Grades 9-12) 1 Fort Myers, FLUpcoming School YearOpen Until Filled
17. PROGRAM ADMIN II-MP RECRUITER TBD Greensboro, NCImmediately09/28/2014
18. Certified highly qualified-Reading teacher 1 Fort Myers, FLImmediatelyNone
19. Teacher - 5th Grade TBD Greensboro, NC10/30/2014Open Until Filled
20. Elementary Grades Teacher 1 Lehi, UTImmediatelyOpen Until Filled
21. Temporary 6th grade English Teacher 1 Miami, FLImmediatelyOpen Until Filled
22. 6-8 Computer Science TBD Salisbury, NCImmediatelyNone
23. 9-12 Music Teacher TBD Salisbury, NCImmediatelyNone
24. 6-8 Math 1 Salisbury, NCImmediatelyNone
25. After-school counselor 2 Green Acres, FLImmediatelyOpen Until Filled

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